Update Notes

Here you can find the most recent updates to Swimgen.

October 30th 2019

 Removed the character limit on skill names. Previously there was a maximum of 255 that some pools were hitting. This was particularly common in French.

October 24th 2019

Updated the logo for halloween and made preparations for other seasonal logos. 

September 2nd 2019

Fixed an issue where the Reports List would just say "Level" in ever row instead of the actual level name. 

August 26th 2019

If you search for a swimmer by their ID and approve a report, you will now be taken to the staff swimmer search page afterwards rather than the parent search page. 

April 16th 2019

Skills that are not checked off now have an empty box to increase readability on smaller screens, and when skills wrap multiple lines.

April 15th 2019

Fixed an issue where skills from past levels wouldn't always be automatically checked off correctly for some curriculums.

Fixed an issue where skills with long names were offset from their checkboxes if they wrapped multiple lines.

March 19th 2019

The publication and administration side bar headings and hub sections now only appear if your account can access one of the features from those sections. 

March 16th 2019

Using an incorrect username/password combination now properly communicates the mistake to you and the login page doesn't appear aligned to the left.

The list of unapproved report cards has been updated to match the new UI.

Deleting a report card through the approval flow now brings you back to the list of report cards to approve, previously it was incorrectly taking you to the main menu.

March 5th 2019

Added back the ability to add individual swimmers to the new Swimgen (

March 2nd 2019

There is now better support for having multiple skills with the identical name in a single level. For example if you had a checkbox for a skill named "Endurance (25m)" under a heading for front crawl and again under a heading for back crawl both would be checked/unchecked together. You can now check these individually.

You can now press enter when entering a swimmer's ID to proceed to the evaluation step. Previously you could only continue by pressing the "Next" button.

The ability to select "Other" or "Gender X" for swimmers is now supported. You can edit existing swimmers who identify as non-binary to "Other" now. When new swimmers are added you'll be able to select "Other". This is also supported when bulk importing swimmers.

February 28th 2019

Fixed an issue that caused headings in the skills section to be shown a second time as a selectable option for instructors to check off.

February 13th 2019

Fixed an issue that could prevent generating report cards for a swimmer if they had previously had report cards published for a level that you've since removed from Swimgen. 

February 6th 2019

The skills checklist now reverts to a swimmers past performance when pressing back and then next again. This also addresses an issue that could cause skills to be checked off if you were doing report cards both with and without skills in a single session.

January 26th 2019

Fixed an issue that could prevent you from accessing a swimmer after searching for a swimmer by name.

January 23rd 2019

When staff are viewing report cards they now have a print button like parents do.

Resolved an issue where the instructor name on published report cards couldn't be edited. 

January 22nd 2019

The default contrast of text on report cards was improved.

The "Back to report center" button is now hidden when printing report cards. 

The terms of service and privacy policy is now accessible when signed in.

The main administrator account for pools is now included in the list of instructors when choosing who will approve your report cards.



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