What does Swimgen do?

Swimgen has been used by over 100 pools to deliver more than half a million report cards to swimmers. With Swimgen, report cards are published and viewed online. Swimgen replaces your soggy paper report cards, and streamlines the entire report card process. Report cards can be created and published anywhere. At a cost of just $0.12 per report card you’ll likely end up spending less than you do now.

Instructors create a report card by indicating if the swimmer completed the level or not, and selecting the two skills the swimmer is best at, and two skills the swimmer needs to improve the most. Swimgen then creates a full paragraph praising the swimmer for their accomplishments and highlighting areas for improvement. If you like the comment you can use it as is, but you are of course free to edit it. Instructors then check off any new skills the swimmer has demonstrated, then clicks publish!

Before a report card is available to the swimmer’s parent, it must be reviewed by a supervisor. When a supervisor logs in to Swimgen they can see how many pending report cards they have. As they view each report card they can make any adjustments that are necessary. After a report card is approved parents can see it.

You will be given a link that parents can visit to retrieve report cards. This web page can be customized and branded with your logo. Most pools link to this page from their website, and also put up signs in the viewing area for their pool. You can also set up iPad stations or computers in the viewing area where parents can access the report cards.
In order to view report cards, parents enter a unique identifier of your choosing. Most pools have parents enter their child’s number from a membership card.

Swimgen analyzes all of the report cards published at your pool to create a variety of reports that help you improve your swim program offering. Metrics you can see are: registration by level, completion rate by level, continuation vs dropoff after each level, average number of attempts to complete each level, and which skills are holding your swimmers back from success most often. Using this data you can improve your swim program by focusing staff training, drills, and lesson plans where they are needed most.

If you're interested and want to get into the finer details, check out how Swimgen works.


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