How does Swimgen work?

When a new pool signs up, we set them up with a manager account. This account allows you to create accounts for your staff. Each account can be assigned a 'role' which limits what they can do. For example your supervisors can approve report cards, but your staff can only publish report cards. You can also edit your pools curriculum. We provide a starter curriculum when we create your account and you are able to edit the curriculum to fit your pools need by: adding or removing skills, levels, and logos. It does not matter what curriculum your pool uses because you will have the ability to customize Swimgen however you want.

In order for swimmers to look up their report cards they need a unique ID, such as a membership or participant number. Most pools already have these for their swimmers. If you don't have a system like this in place you can use last names or phone numbers to identify swimmers. This ID will be used by instructors to publish report cards, and for parents to look up their childs report cards. If you use a membership management system such as CLASS you are able to import your swimmers into Swimgen. Alternatively, swimmers can be added as instructors publish report cards for them.

Instructors publish report cards by selecting up to two skills that each of their swimmers need to work on, and two skills that their swimmer has excelled at. Swimgen creates a unique report card comment for the swimmer based on these strengths and weaknesses. Your instructors then check off which skills the swimmer has completed, and they're done!

  • Report cards are snapshots of a swimmers progress, an instructor can view the child's past report cards and build their new one based off of past information
  • Past report cards are available up to 15 years after they are published, however if a pool deletes its swimmers than the report cards are also deleted from the account.

After an instructor has published a report card, it must be approved by a supervisor. When reviewing report cards the supervisor can edit the written comment and adjust which skills are checked off before approving it. After a report card is approved it is visible to swimmers and their parents.

We provide you with a web link which you can share with parents. Most pools will have the web link available on their website. Parents look up their child's report cards by using their child's swimmer ID. They are able to view all the report cards ever published for their child. Some pools also put tablet stations in the viewing area so parents can access report cards during lessons.

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