Bulk Importing Swimmers

To import swimmers in bulk log in to your account.

Click on "Bulk Import Swimmers".

Swimgen accepts .csv files which is a generic file format commonly used for spreadsheets. All member management systems such as CLASS and ActiveNet support exporting reports of member enrollment. Swimgen requires the swimmers first name, their ID, and their gender. If your pool uses last names in Swimgen you will need to include those too. The order of columns is important, make sure your CSV file matches the example on the import page. The order is typically first name, last name (if applicable), gender, then ID. 

Click "Choose File" and select the csv file you'd like to import. If the top row of your CSV has titles rather than swimmer information, check off the "has headers" box. Then click on "Import Swimmers". Swimgen will import all of the swimmers and let you know that it was successful.

If there are problems when importing swimmers then there is likely an issue with your CSV. The most common problem is in the formatting of french characters after exporting from membership software. Check the spreadsheet and make sure everything looks OK. Also check the settings in your spreadsheet software to see if you can enable "Unicode". If things still don't work contact support and we'll help you get the swimmers imported.


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