Adding and Removing Levels

To add, remove, or change levels, start by logging in with the manager account for you pool.

After logging in click on "Curriculum Settings".

On this page you can see all of the groups of levels your pool has. Groups are used to organize levels for your instructors. For example if your pool teaches Preschool A, Preschool B, and Preschool C, you would create a group called "Preschool" and put the 3 levels into the single group. You would then put your youth levels into a separate group. If you'd like to add a new group enter the name of the new group at the bottom of the page and click Add.

To add a level to a group click on the group you'd like to add the level to. Enter the name of the level at the bottom of the page and click Add. To delete the entire group of levels click "Delete" at the top.

Once you've created a new level, click on it to set it up. In addition there will be a delete button on the level page for you to remove it.



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